Tips 2: Using Custom Portraits

General instructions for using custom portraits are in the readme.txt file of the game, in the Baldur's Gate directory. There should be an icon for the Readme file in the Baldur's Gate folder, it should have been added to your Start menu by the game installation.

All you have to do is make a new directory in your Baldur's Gate directory, and call it Portraits. Then just put the images you download, like the ones from my portraits pages, into that directory. If the images are in a Zip file, you will need to extract them first with a program like WinZip. The game only supports bitmap images (those that end in .bmp) so you can't use .jpg or .gif images unless they are converted. All the portrait files on my site are in .bmp format so you wont have to worry about converting them (as long as you download the Zip file to get the images).

Once you have created the directory and moved the portrait files into it, you can change your characters portrait from inside the game by doing the following:
Click on the character Record button Character Record Button,

then the Customize button Customize Button,

then the Appearance button Appearance Button,

and finally on Custom Custom Button.

As long as your Portraits directory is set up properly a window will come up showing the selections for Medium Portraits on top, and the Small Portraits on bottom. Just select the ones you want and click on Done until you are back at the Record screen. That's all there is to it :-)

All images used for the medium portrait should end in L, and small portraits should end in S but the game does not force you to abide by that.

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